Slot Overview of “Gods of Troy”

The name “Troy” has resounded through history thanks to the ten-year conflict known as “The Trojan Wars,” which began when Paris eloped with or kidnapped Menelaus’s wife, Helen. According to the myths, the siege of Troy featured more than simply troops and heroes. The fight also drew the attention of the gods, who helped both sides in varying degrees. This brings us to Red Tiger’s Gods of Troy slot machine, which is rife with allusions to the Trojan War and has a 10-spin cyclical wild frame feature and Troy Spins, in which wild symbols randomly appear throughout the game.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the Gods of Troy, Red Tiger has gone full Ancient Greek. The grid on which the game is played is situated in a stately building decorated with columns, squares, and gold. The glistening waves of the Aegean Sea, troops, and the fabled Wooden Horse, the instrument used to storm Troy’s defenses, surround it on all sides. Gods of Troy has a graphical quality prevalent in a variety of games set in the Ancient/Classical World, thus fans of these types of games will feel comfortable with the aesthetic.

You may play Gods of Troy on any device with a bet of 10 pence to £/€10 each spin, much like the subject matter it depicts. However, choose your wager with caution since every tenth spin in Gods of Troy has the potential to add wilds to framed spots on the reels. If you change your bet mid-spin, you’ll have to start a new set of 10 spins, but your data will be preserved if you return later. Meanwhile, there are other variations of the RTP, the greatest of which may reach 95.74 percent.

Gods of Troy is a slot machine game with a 5-reel, 4-row grid matrix and 30 paylines for players to hit. The lower-value card ranks (10-Ace) pay between 0.8 and 1.8 times the wager for a full house (5 of a kind). Following these are horns, vases of money, chariots, and a warrior, with a payout of 2–5 times the wager for a winning combination of all five symbols. The full-reel female character is worth 10 times the wager for a winning line of five such symbols. The wild tile, which can appear on any reel, pays the same as five of the lady tile and can be utilized to complete winning lines by substituting for any regular pay tile.

Playing the Gods of Troy Slot Machine

A counter above the reels keeps track of your progress in the fundamental game of Gods of Troy, which is played in batches of 10 spins. There will be a Golden Wreath at the spot where the Golden Shields appeared. When a Golden Shield drops on a Golden Wreath, a copy of the shield is dropped at random. After the tenth rotation, all Golden Wreaths become wilds until the next time they appear.

Spinning Troy

While scatters do not occur on the tenth spin, they do activate Troy Spins if three or more appear during any other round of the main game. A bonus round’s free spin and wild symbol awards are determined by the spin of a wheel. The number of scatters that triggered the feature determines how many free spins and how many wild symbols will be awarded; for example, three scatters can result in up to fifteen free spins and a maximum of ten wilds, four scatters can result in up to twenty-five free spins and a maximum of twelve wilds, and five scatters can result in up to fifty free spins and a maximum of fifteen wilds.

During the bonus round, as many wilds as were triggered will remain on the reels at all times. Between free games, Wilds can either move to a new location or remain in their current one. In the bonus round, free spins are multiplied by the number of scatters that appear. To clarify, Golden Wreaths are not included in Troy Spins.

the verdict of the Gods of Troy slot machine

In the same way that IGT’s Scarab and Pragmatic Play’s Golden Beauty add wild symbols to framed places after a certain number of spins, Gods of Troy does the same. It doesn’t show up often, but when it does, it might change how players approach the game. It’s best to go all in for 10 spins, as the first nine are setup and the tenth is the (possible) reward. Seeing a growing Golden Wreath frame count may be quite motivating, and a full-screen triumph in Gods of Troy can pay up to 300 times the wager. Not a fortune, but decent considering all the extra wild symbols.

If anything, free spins with sticky wilds for the whole round is more appealing. Getting all 50 free spins with all 15 wilds on each of them is an exciting prospect, but it obviously won’t happen very frequently. The 6157.7x the stake jackpot in Gods of Troy is greater than in most Red Tiger slots published around the same time, so those free spins and wilds might come in useful. Whether or not players remain around depends on their impressions of the 10-spin mechanism and the theme, as well as the likelihood of obtaining a lot of wilds in free spins. Both are quite conventional, making Gods of Troy somewhat of a throwback when combined. It’s possible that the game’s familiarity will be a big selling point.

The wild addition feature in Gods of Troy, which awards 10 free spins, is not very novel but does not appear frequently. Gods of Troy is a great location to experiment with ritual magic if you’ve ever been curious about it. There’s an additional feature that may be fun for people who are already fans of the mechanism.

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