Snakes & Ladders Megadice Online Slot Rating and reviews

The Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot machine, co-created by Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom, gives players the opportunity to win up to 5,300 times their original wager. This five-reel, ten-line game may be played on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. It has pixelated playing card symbols, ladders, bananas, and a gorilla.

Wild dice icons increase winnings and gather in a meter to provide you one of two gates to a board bonus game. Wild dice symbols may appear stacked on top of each other. You may travel up and down the board in the traditional Snakes and Ladders format by rolling virtual dice to gain multipliers, quick rewards, or to advance up and down the board. If you make it all the way to the end of the path, you will have the opportunity to retrigger the whole feature.

The Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slot Game: A Guide to Playing

The graphics, which are reminiscent of older video games, are accompanied with an upbeat jungle soundtrack. The cartoon snake, ladders, banana, and gorilla are valued much more than the colorful high card insignia, which give out lower rewards. This game was created by Reel Kingdom in collaboration with Pragmatic Play, and the ape in the title also serves as the company’s emblem.

Both of the reels are supported by ladders, and an animated snake is positioned along the top of the reels. Even though it has an odd combination of blocky symbols and cartoonish visuals, the Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot game manages to look well on personal computers as well as mobile devices that run Android, iOS, or Windows.

The extensive betting range, which goes from 0.10 to 100.00 each spin, should appeal to the majority of gamers. After selecting a stake with a few clicks on the Plus or Minus tabs located on each side of the spin button, you can then modify the total number of coins in play or the amount of coins wagered on each line to find the optimal level. This process is both fast and simple.

When you press the ‘I’ button, a paytable will pop up, allowing you to see how much money you may earn from each symbol as well as how the unique board bonus feature works. You can win at Snakes & Ladders Megadice, which is a 10-line game, if you get enough of the same symbol to appear in a row beginning on the left side of the board. The Wild dice are helpful since they may substitute for any sign other than the Bonus symbol.

The Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot machine’s Board Bonus as well as its Other Bonus Features

These dice each have one, two, or three dots on them, and the number that appears on them determines whether you get a one-time, two-time, or three-time multiplier on the total win from the spin. Dice also fill 1, 2, or 3 of the 11 segments of the snake that is located above the reels. When this meter is entirely full, it activates a board bonus game in which you receive 12 rolls of a dice on a grid that is 12 by 12. You may also join this round by collecting 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, and depending on the number of bonus symbols you collect, you will either get 12, 14, or 16 rolls.

You roll two dice to move a gorilla head token across the board as you would in a game of Snakes and Ladders. The round is structured similarly to the classic board game. The token either falls on an empty space or one of the options listed below to continue on.

The money award might add anywhere from four times to one hundred times the original wager to the total amount won.

A victory total may be multiplied by a factor of two or three if a multiplier is used.

Ladder: The gorilla head will climb ladders in order to reach higher levels of goodies.

The snake moves in the opposite direction as the ladder.

If you land on the banana, you will get a random amount of money from one of the locations on the board.

The Skyscraper ability transports the token to an area that is chosen at random.

You keep rolling the dice until either you run out of rolls or you reach the very last of the 144 spots. If you do reach the very last position, you win an additional special reward equal to 1,000 times your original stake on top of whatever else you have won while playing the Slot Games. You also have the opportunity to reactivate the board benefit with only one roll of the dice, which is another perk. You will have to start the game again from the beginning if the outcome is anything other than a double.

The board bonus will always result in a victory that is at least equal to 20 times your entire stake. If you don’t claim at least this amount, Rage Mode will send the gorilla token all the way to the top of the board, where he will accumulate all of the reward values as he travels across the board.

The maximum win, the volatility, and the average returns for the Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot

The bonus round has the potential to provide wins of up to 5,300 times your initial wager, but after that, the feature will no longer be available to players. Play the Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot machine with the maximum wager of one hundred dollars to win up to five hundred thirty thousand dollars.

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