Web-based Sic Bo

Sic Bo mixes aspects of Craps and Roulette, making for a thrilling, fast-paced casino game. Those who are searching for a change of pace and don’t mind putting their money on the dice roll will also like it.

Sic Bo is a Chinese online casino game with many similarities to Craps; however, unlike Craps, it is played with three dice instead of two. Big Small (Dai Sai) and Lucky Dice (Tai Sai) are two of its alternate names. The game has been adapted from its ancient Chinese origins in the style of popular English games like Chuck-a-Luck and Hazard.


A Primer on Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a casino game played on a board, and despite its apparent complexity, it is actually quite easy to learn and play. Bets are placed on the outcome of the dealer’s toss of three dice. You can bet on a single number, on a pair of numbers, or on any number or number combination that could possibly be rolled. wish Roulette, you can place as many bets as you wish on each round, with payouts based on the odds of your selections.


All the activity in an online casino is completely digital, and the outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator.


Potential Bets

In Sic Bo, there are essentially 6 distinct wagering opportunities, which can be summarized as follows:


Bettors seeking the least complicated wagering option should go with the Total. Predicting the sum of the three dice is easy; just pick a number between 4 and 17, as the sums of 3 and 18 are covered by the Triple 1 and Triple 6 wagers, respectively.


Bet on whether the sum of the three dice will be “Small” or “Big” with this choice. The range for the small is 4–10 and the range for the large is 11–17. It’s an even money bet, so the payouts in this casino game are 1 to 1, but keep in mind that you’ll lose if a 3 is rolled. The Triple rule, like the zero in Roulette, slightly distorts otherwise even wagers in order to preserve the house edge.


A combination is a bet on any two of the three dice being rolled. You can wager on the numbers 2, 4, and 5 and win if the resulting die roll is 4, 2, or 5. If both of your combo numbers come up, you win.


The goal of a Single bet is to correctly anticipate the roll of a single number using any of the three dice. If your single number occurs once, the online casino will pay you 1:1; if it appears twice, you’ll earn 2:1; and if it appears three times, you’ll collect a staggering 12:1.


The Double bet is placed when two identical dice are rolled. For the Double, for instance, you would need to roll a 4, 3, 4. The hitch is that you can’t just bet on there being a double; instead, you have to choose which number you think will be doubled.


The Triple is a bet on the result of rolling three identical dice. Here, though, you can choose to wager on any three numbers coming up three times, rather than just one.

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